Alberta Mobile Home Owners Association

Working to build better communities for those most vulnerable

Alberta Seniors and low income families are losing their homes, their life savings and credit ratings due to out dated land lease regulations that only allow a home owners recourse to be the courts. A resource that is our of reach of most mobile home owners.

In 2016, the Alberta Urban Municipality Association, sponsored by the City of Okotoks, did a review of the Mobile Home Sites Tenancy Act, and stressed to the Provincial Government that protections for Mobile Home Owners on leased land needs to be introduced to not only stop the act of ‘economic eviction’ but make it an offence.

It is the AMHOA mandate to network all mobile home owners on leased land across the Province to work for rights in line with renters.

2016 Alberta Urban Municipalities Association Findings:

Alberta Urban Municipalities Association urge the Government of Alberta to amend the Mobile Home Sites Tenancy Act to offer Residential Tenancies Disputes Resolution Services (RTDRS) to mobile home site residents and to prohibit the potential practice of “economic eviction” of residents by defining such targeted rental increases as an offence.”

WHEREAS the Mobile Home Sites Tenancy Act sets out the rights and responsibilities that apply to people who own a mobile home and rent the mobile home site from a landlord;

WHEREAS Service Alberta is responsible for the enforcement of the Mobile Homes Sites Tenancy Act and Regulations;

WHEREAS Service Alberta offers binding mediated resolution services only to regular landlord and tenant disputes under the Residential Tenancies Dispute Resolution Service;

WHEREAS the Mobile Home Sites Tenancy Act does not limit or cap rental pad increases;

WHEREAS it is possible that landlords of mobile home parks can target some or all residents by levying pad rental increases so high as to offer no option for the resident but to leave as an “economic eviction” tactic;

WHEREAS mobile home park renters may have limited income and options to move or leave.


Together We Have the Power to Enact Change